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Investment tax planning can maximize your wealth.

Investment tax planning involves maximizing the after-tax return on your investments. This is beneficial because the wealth that remains after you pay your taxes is ultimately more important to you than the value of your investments. It's the after-tax payout that enables you to finance a home, a child's education, a vacation, or your retirement. Thus, one goal of investment tax planning is to maximize future wealth. To do so, you need to know a little bit about taxes. In particular, you need to know the following:

  • How your investments are taxed
  • The before and after-tax rates of return on your investments
  •  How to compare investments in light of after-tax return

To maximize our ability to provide timely and appropriate income tax recommendations, we offer income tax preparation service.  Income tax preparation is a valuable tool for us as planners because it gives us the ability to formulate a tax strategy and follow it through right up to preparation of the final return.

Over the years we have realized a review of prior year returns is important, but planning and developing a strategy for future years is imperative.  As a result of our review process we have discovered missed tax saving opportunities.  In response to our client’s needs, we offer tax preparation as part of a comprehensive plan or as a stand alone service.

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